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Join us for a ONCE ONLY free beginners workshop!

Come find out more about Capoeira and the Movement of Freedom and how it can be a powerful tool to improve your physical, mental and social well-being.

This will be a beginners only workshop so you can feel comfortable to be yourself. We offer a safe space for all to learn independent of skill level, ability, fitness or flexibility.

It is a time for open-minded individuals who want to experience something beyond themselves and become part of a grand movement; the Movement of Freedom.

Please note this workshop is for teens & adults only.


  • Meet and greet Instrutor Ouriço and discover his uplifting teaching style
  • An introduction about Capoeira and our school
  • Learn some of the fundamental moves in Capoeira
  • Uncover your personal strengths and limitations
  • Explore your range of movement and creative ways to express
  • Discover musicality and how it relates to movement
  • Participate in the Capoeira roda and learn about its fundamentals
  • Find out about positivity and how it aides a healthy practice
  • Enjoy yourself in a welcoming and friendly space


Saturday, 30th of November


11 am to 12:30 pm


Capoeira CDO Perth
1/301 Selby St N, Osborne Park

Register now by filling out the form below. BE QUICK AS SPACES ARE LIMITED!

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