Adults Capoeira Classes

Feel The Capoeira Difference

Looking for a new challenge? Capoeira is fun, exciting and different.

Part dance, part game and parts thrilling martial arts. Capoeira is the perfect activity for individuals who are looking to challenge and connect with the very best parts of themselves.

Capoeira is the perfect excercise, combining functional strength training, flexibility, mobility training and heart-pounding aerobic movement training. But its so much more. It's History. It's Culture. It's Community. It's Music. Capoeira is a way of life and thinking.

Perth Brazilian Martial Art - Capoeira for Adults

At Capoeira Australis our Capoeira classes are designed to suit all abilities. Previous experience in martial arts, dance, acrobatics or in any fitness program is not required. Our members come from all walks of life and have different fitness levels.

Each Capoeira class is different and you will be guaranteed a fun, challenging and rewarding workout.

You will learn and practice kicks, dodges, acrobatics, flowing and rhythmic movements, and also develop your flexibility, coordination and agility.

The classes are full of energy and fun that will leave you wanting more!


Come experience Capoeira for yourself and start reaping its benefits and joy! Click the button below to join us for a Free Intro Class.

Open Up To A New World Of Movement

Martial arts, functional training, dance, acrobatic and much more in this unique mix. Suitable for all adults of all fitness levels. Connect with a positive crew of people, learn new skills and feel confident in your body. Discover the Capoeira Difference today.